About the DrPort idea

DrPort Europe
Your guide to medical tourism

DrPort: an integrated & closed-loop booking, invoicing and settlement platform for medical tourism.

The issue… 

EU legislation (the 2011/24 Directive and the 833/2004 Resolution) permits for patients to apply for foreign medical treatment to be covered by nation health insurance policies. Despite the settled legal framework, patients’ awareness of this opportunity is very poor, and the administrative process is slow and analogue.

we have a solution for

DrPort’s platform connects patients, medical service providers and health insurers. Patients can easily browse and search for services of foreign medical facilities, and the related administrative processes can be concluded in a digital way, without any further paperwork or cash transaction required. This solution also fills a major gap in connection with the settlement procedure between the insurers and the service providers.

DrPort Europe’s aspiration is to become both the Booking.com and PayPal of European cross-border health tourism. Our customer proposition offers a settlement platform free from costly and painful red tape, through which a foreign medical treatment’s booking, payment and overall administration becomes as easy as booking a travel accommodation.

Substantial benefits for all related parties

    • Patients can benefit from quicker, planned medical treatments,
    • Insurers are able to realize cca. 20-50% cost savings on medical services enabled by the price index differences of the EU countries (PPP statistics – Eurostat/OECD, 2013),
    • Overloading of national medical service provider systems can be offset by leveraging the excess capacities of other countries’ private medical service providers,

About our business modell

Out business model integrates patients, medical service providers and healthcare insurance companies in order to provide seamless, convenient processes between them throughout the whole flow of the patient route.

DrPort’s revenue streams are:

    • Medical service providers pay a monthly fee according to the service module packages used (includes real-time calendar and appointment booking, EDI invoicing module, payment modules),
    • Medical service providers pay a commission fee after every successful transaction booked via DrPort’s platform,
    • Health insurance companies pay a transaction fee after every electronic invoice which gets verified and sent through DrPort’s platform

What we’ve done so far

DrPort’s early, 1.0 version has been operating in the Hungarian market since 2013 generating around 20.000 appointment bookings by our 400 medical service providers. Services of this early version include search & booking options only. DrPort’s 2.0 version has been developed by specifying the end-to-end patient journey and the related parties. Once this platform development goes live in Hungary during 2019, our solution’s prototype will be available.

About the market and our competitiors 

The number of people travelling abroad to seek medical treatment appears to have been growing in recent years. The expanding global trade in medical tourism was valued at US$40 billion worldwide and with global growth potential of some 20% in 2009 (OECD). The markert is rapidly expanding bearing the potential of constantly growing revenues for DrPort.

Our competitors might be: Doctena, SuperSaaS, Samedi. The most advanced solution has SaMedi as it offers an interdisciplinary, web-based software for collaboration of healthcare providers. DrPort is better though regarding its internationality and the closed-loop invoicing scheme which makes it unique among these companies.

Our aims till 2021

Our entrepreneurial dream till 2021 is that DrPort will be as famous as

  • Booking.com among patients
  • Facebook among the doctors & medical service providers
  • PayPal among insurance companies if it comes to medical tourism.

We want to achieve

  • the first successful international transaction till June 2019
  • he first European HQ in another country till March 2021
  • 1 million users (patients) till July 2022


If You have any other questions to our business or You would like to be part of our success  story, don’t hesitate to contact us via: info@drport.hu.